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Mountain West Disposal offers residential trash services for residents and neighborhoods across Northern Colorado. We supply you with a 95-gallon trash can, which holds approximately seven to eight tall kitchen bags per week and is ideal for family needs.

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95 Gallon Trash Bin

At Mountain West Disposal, we provide you with 95-gallon trash carts to help ensure you have plenty of room to throw all of your trash away each week. Learn more about the benefits of our trash carts below. Holds 7-8 tall kitchen bags per week. Ideal for a family of 4+

About our residential services

Benefits of Residential Trash Cans

  • Allow for a clean, uniform appearance in your neighborhood on trash collection days

  • Trash remains contained in cans or in bags next to cans

  • Cans are high-quality and able to withstand high winds and weather

  • Cans are designed to keep animals out of your waste

  • They are easy to handle and move around

  • Carts have a smooth interior surface, making them easy to rinse and prevent waste from getting stuck inside

Find Environmentally Friendly Trash Removal Services

At Mountain West Disposal, we value customer satisfaction as well as providing you with environmentally friendly services. We are constantly researching and developing in order to create new ways to help provide unmatched disposal services while protecting our environment. For reliable, customer-focused residential trash and recycling services, reach out to our team at Mountain West Disposal in Northern Colorado today!

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