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Commercial Dumpster Rentals

Our commercial dumpster rentals are designed to handle any amount of trash, and we take the time to learn the specifics of your business so that we can provide you with a waste management solution that fits your needs. We streamline the process so that you can spend less time worrying about trash. We have dumpster rentals for any industry — whether you’re managing a small restaurant or a large retail business, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right.

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Stationary Compactors

A stationary compactor can help you reduce costs and improve safety in your commercial business. A commercial waste compactor decreases the volume of waste material through compression, which reduces the number of trash hauls you’ll need, and the subsequent collection costs. We provide safe, easy-to-use stationary compactors to businesses across Northern Colorado.

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Restaurant-Specific Waste

Restaurant owners have specific needs, and we offer commercial dumpster rentals that fit your unique needs. For example, to meet health codes, we provide container exchanges to keep your containers fresh. We also offer food waste collection (composting) to reduce the food waste that ends up in landfills.

Retail-Specific Waste

Retailers often have a higher volume of waste than other industries, and we offer waste disposal solutions to meet our retail client’s needs. Many choose to rent a stationary compactor so that they can compact cardboard and other recyclable materials. Along with trash disposal, we also offer commercial recycling services to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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Dumpster Sizes Offered:

  • 2 yard dumpster: Height: 3' 11", Width 3' 4", Length 6' 11"
  • 3 yard dumpster: Height 4' 5", Width 3' 11", Length 7'
  • 4 Yard Dumpster: Height 4' 6", Width 3' 11", Length 6' 3"
  • 6 Yard Dumpster: Height 5' 10", Width 4' 9", Length 6' 11"
  • 8 Yard Dumpster: Height 7', Width 6', Length 5' 6"

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No matter the size of your business or the industry you work in, the team at Mountain West Disposal is here to provide you with exceptional services. We’ll ensure that your business is free of trash — and that it ends up in the right place! Contact us today to get started.

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