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Single-Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling is one of the easiest recycling methods. All recyclable products go into one container, or stream. They are then bundled together and picked up by our team to take to the processing facility. Many businesses that we work with prefer this method because it reduces collection costs and is easy to implement. However, a single stream often underperforms compared to other forms of recycling, as it’s likely to be contaminated.

Glass in Single Stream

In single-stream recycling systems, glass is becoming a contaminant because it can break and lower the value of paper and cardboard. It is possible to keep the glass in a single stream, but you can also separate it to increase the effectiveness of recycling.

Get Effective Recycling For Your Business!

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Cardboard Recycling

Businesses have much more cardboard waste than homeowners, and cardboard is an incredibly reusable material. However, it often is contaminated by liquids in single-stream recycling, so it can be helpful to separate our cardboard recycling — which is a service that we offer here at Mountain West Disposal. If you rely on cardboard packaging and have an excess of cardboard waste, we can help you keep waste out of landfills and keep money in your pocket with cardboard recycling.

Food Waste Recycling (Compost)

Looking for a better way to manage your food waste than simply throwing it away? We offer food waste recycling, or composting, services for businesses. It’s a great option for restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores. It’s easy to do, and you can feel confident that your food waste is being kept out of landfills.

Get Effective Recycling For Your Business!

Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is one of the hardest items to recycle and must be done properly. Electronics have highly valuable materials such as rare metals, and it’s important to salvage them rather than lose them to a landfill. If you need e-waste recycling for your business, contact Mountain West Disposal today!

Get Effective Recycling For Your Business!

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Dumpster Sizes offered:

  • 2 yard dumpster: Height: 3' 11" Width 3' 4" Length 6' 11"

  • 3 yard dumpster: Height 4' 5" , Width 3' 11" , Length 7'

  • 4 Yard Dumpster: Height 4' 6", Width 3' 11" , Length 6' 3"

  • 6 Yard Dumpster: Height 5' 10", Width 4' 9" , Length 6' 11"

  • 8 Yard Dumpster: Height 7', Width 6' , Length 5' 6"

Get Effective Recycling For Your Business!

We believe in providing unparalleled waste collection services while also forming valuable customer relationships. Responsibility managing waste is not only important in keeping your business clean, but also in protecting our environment here in Northern Colorado! Ready to work with our team for your business recycling needs? Contact us today to get started.